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  DareMe is the perfect platform for fitness enthusiasts that want to get into shape and participate in online fitness workout classes. At DareMe, you can find free online workout classes and free online fitness classes for all levels by experts in the field. So, if you are looking for online workout classes for beginners, DareMe has the perfect collection of free online yoga classes to practice at home.

Our powered search tool would assist you in sorting out the hundreds of classes and lessons that are listed on our site. Simply scroll to the search and find the suitable free yoga classes to join online or goal based fitness classes to follow that are suited to your requirement. You simply could not find a better companion for your needs than DareMe. Now, stay tuned and get in shape.  

Frequently Asked Question

Each challenge on DareMe platform is created and owned by the teachers, trainers and coaches, i.e your challenger(s), and have a daily top-notch expert's guidance.

The foundation of each DareMe challenge is its daily challenges, which include videos that were wisely designed to change your life and improve it in a unique, empowering way. They will help you form a new habit, master a new skill, and achieve any goal, using small, incremental changes that have a big impact in the long run.

Each challenge will consist of a certain duration and everyday you will have to complete different “daily challenge task” as a way to enhance the challenge experience of the participants (achievers). Once the day is completed you will get points to boost up your chances of winning prizes as well as redeem points to rewards. There are two types of points that you can earn in different ways which are explained in the “How do I get points” FAQ answer down below.

To help build interest we’re giving away monthly prizes and also giving out a yearly grand prize to one lucky participant. Also, all participants who complete their challenge can redeem the points to rewards.

Most of our challenges, unless otherwise noted, are continuous challenges, which mean they are entirely on-demand and you can begin at any given time. Once you enroll to a challenge you will be assigned to a monthly “challenge group” accordingly. 

When you enroll to a challenge you are assigned to a monthly “challenge group” which includes all other participants whose points window ends the same month yours does - those are the people you are competing against for the most points.

For example, if you enrolled to a 30 day challenge on April 15th, you would be in the May “Challenge Group” since your 30 day challenge + additional “grace period” sum up to 40 days which ends in May (on May 25th). When May month ends the contestant with the most points will win that month’s prize as well as better chances to win the yearly grand prize.
Once you begin a challenge you must complete it within the number of days of the challenge. For example, if your challenge is a 30 day long, then that requires you to return each day to complete that day's challenge for 30 days.

Day 0 begins on the day you enroll to the challenge. Day 1 will we be the day after your enrollment and so on. You may only complete the current day's challenge. You cannot skip ahead or complete more than one challenge per day. If you miss a challenge you cannot go back and make them up (with some exception, see next FAQ answer).

Having said that, you also get an additional grace period where you can still earn more points. So for a 30-day challenge the grace period is 10 days so the challenge time frame window is actually 40 days that start the day after your enrollment.

Once the challenge time frame window is over, you can no longer complete the challenge daily tasks and earn points.

You can find the amount of time left until the current challenge closes on the challenge page, so you know just how much time you have to complete it.
If you miss a day’s challenge, typically you would not be allowed to go back and complete it. The challenge is lost once the day passes and it is not completed. But since we realize there are times when “life happens” we have allotted each user some “second chances”. So, for example, if you missed a day in a 30-day challenge you can use a “second chance” to complete a missed challenge up to five times. Once you are out of them you will not be able to complete a missed challenge and therefore cannot earn points for it.

If you’d like to be counted as a finalist who can win any of the prizes including the yearly grand prize, you must complete all the days in your challenge. The winner of our monthly prize is judged based on the total points accumulated - so you really want to earn the most points possible.

Moreover, only those who complete their challenge are eligible to redeem their earned points to rewards. So you really want to make the effort of completing your challenge.

Primary points will be awarded each time you watch the daily video and complete the daily challenge task. You will receive points for every daily challenge you complete.

Bonus points
are earned in 3 ways:

  1. Sharing your progress on social media
  2. Sharing your daily challenge on DareMe Feeder
  3. By earning a share of the points accumulated by people you invite to do the challenge with you.

Social sharing bonuses are daily bonus points available to each day's challenge. When you complete a challenge you will be provided with a snippet of text you can share on your social media. It includes a special link and whenever one of your friends or followers clicks on it you will be granted bonus points for that day. If someone who clicks on it also joins the challenge they will be automatically added to your challenge group and you will earn a share of the points they accumulate as described below.

Sharing on DareMe Feeder
is the second way to earn more bonus points and it can be done daily as well once you complete your current day challenge. The post content is your answer to the current day task. An additional of 1 point can be earned per like your post will get from other participants in the challenge. (Note: sharing on the feeder in an anonymous way is possible, however in such case no extra 1 point per like will be earned).

Inviting others to do the challenge with you is the third way to earn bonus points by sharing your challenge link (email, social networks, wherever you want). Anyone who clicks that link and enrolls will be added to your challenge group where you can follow a scoreboard to see who completes the most days of the challenge and earns the most points. You will also get 1 bonus point for every 4 points they accumulate from completing days of the challenge. Only a share of primary points (those earned by completing a challenge) from your invited friends are credited. Bonus points earned by your friends (those points from social sharing, post of feeder and inviting others) are not included.

In theory, there are no limit to the number of points you can acquire.

The number of points you can earn yourself in the challenge is 80 primary points multiplied by the number of days of the challenge (i.e 2400 points for a 30-day challenge), plus additional 40 points per day on sharing on social media and another 30 points sharing on the feeder, which give us another 2100 points, in case of a day 30 challenge.

However, you can earn more bonus points which are unlimited:

  1. You get 1 point per like on your shared posts on the feeder.
  2. You get 1 point for every 4 primary points a friend you invited earns. So if you have on your challenge’s friends list 5 friends who in total earned 4,000 primary points you would earn 1,000 points as a "friend bonus" points.
No, you are allowed only a single account. We will review finalist and winner points and challenges. Anyone who is found to have created multiple accounts or fake friend accounts, or otherwise violated the spirit of the challenge will not become be eligable to be a finalist. If you want to increase your chances the only way you are allowed to do it is by completing the challenge and taking advantage of all of the bonus points available in a honest way.
Though our recommendation for you is to focus on few challenges and once you complete them take new ones, there is no limitation to how many challenges you can take. However, free challenges are limited to 2 active challenges at any given day.

If you wish to have more than 2 running challenges, you can do that by upgrading a challenge to premium. This means for example that you may have 5 active challenges that you are currently doing, but at least 3 of them are premium.

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