5 Best Online Fitness Challenges in 2021

Online Fitness Challenges

The long-term coronavirus pandemic has gripped the world, and the citywide travel restrictions have made everyone feel suffocated. Fitness conscious persons cannot move out of their homes to reach the local fitness clubs. Still, there are ways to retain motivation. As local gym clubs have closed their doors, it is better to accept online fitness challenges.

What are online fitness challenges? It is about setting the fitness goal and achieving it within a limited period. It may include cycling, running, and other activities. The major purpose is to develop a healthy competition to motivate the fitness club members.

Find the list of the best online fitness challenges:

1st Challenge- To transform lifestyle

30 day workout challenge for women

To ensure a noticeable transformation of lifestyle, you can join 30-day program. Your fitness package will give you encouragement and instructions related to this challenge. After 30 days, you can submit your progress report to your fitness package.

The challenge mainly focuses on different aspects, like fitness, mobility, healthy habits, and nutrition.

Thus, the best team will create a challenge that covers a few weeks. You can find an opportunity to grow healthy habits for a long-term period.

2nd Challenge- Summer Body Challenge

Free 30-Day Workout Plan

The challenge is aimed at transforming your body in as less as 30 days. The challenge allows you to follow a consistent routine with ample dedication and healthy eating habits. The challenge is perfect for individuals who wish to:

  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve health & vitality
  • Build muscle while getting stronger
  • Shape up the body
  • Burn fat and achieve the weight loss goal
  • Build core strength

The challenge is available as a full-body workout procedure.

3rd Challenge- Flat Stomach Challenge 2021

30 day challenge for flat stomach

It is a full-body workout challenge while allowing you to achieve a flat belly quite easily. The challenge is a perfect regime for you if you wish to:

  • Obtain toned abs
  • Burn away belly fat
  • Get rid of excess body weight
  • Increase flexibility and strength

The challenge is available as a free package for 30 days for achieving a flat belly. It is time to burn away all the fat in your stomach area as you get your body summer-ready. The best part is that the challenge is well-suited for both beginners as well as seasoned health freaks.

4th Challenge- Abs challenge

Free Abs Workout Challenge


During your 30-day fitness challenges, you can focus on some variations of exercises. With the abs challenge, you have to focus on a particular part of your body. You will have a stronger core with the proper abdominal exercises.

5th ChallengeOne-month plank challenge

Plank Challenge


This challenge involves different movements, like squats, push-ups, and crunches. You have to do these activities every day for a month. The goal of accepting this challenge is to gain better fitness, feel stronger, and attain the desired shape.

These are some virtual fitness challenges intended to make you healthier. A reliable fitness package throws these challenges to his clients. You may also engage a professional and accept different fitness challenges online. It is the best way to maintain your health during the lockdowns.


DareMe is a social network for achieving goals through online challenges. Our research-based platform rewards and incentivizes participants to challenge themselves with any of the free, popular, and highly effective online challenges supported in our system. DareMe also utilizes the power of online social groups and togetherness to create a supportive community and friendly-fun environment which help participants to successfully complete their challenges.



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