5 Powerful Ways Mindfulness Meditation Will Change Your Life in 2021

5 Powerful Ways of Mindfulness Meditation

The past is not where we belong, and neither is the future. Our true home is right here, right now. There is no need to wait for years to experience happiness.

We all know that meditation is one of the most convenient ways to improve your mental health and physical wellness drastically? Thus, practicing mindful meditation is good for peace of mind and get a change in your life.

Here are five powerful ways for mindful meditation:

Mindful Breathing:

5 Mindful Breathing

It is a simple exercise but a powerful one. It simply involves breathing in and breathing out. When you inhale, it's in-breath, and when you exhale, it's out-breath. The objective is to be mindful through breathing. The whole attention should be on the breathing process. Once you can master it, there will be no mental discourse.



5 Powerful Ways Mindfulness Meditation


When you breathe in or breathe out, and if the in-breath lasts for at least three seconds, you are mindful for those three seconds, and your awareness is sustained, which is most important. For the best results, there should not be any interruption. The formula is to stick with the breathing process without any break. Once it is achieved, it will take you no time to cultivate the art of concentration and mindfulness. You become one with the in-breath and out-breath. With practice, the breathing will become natural and slower but more profound. It will make you feel peaceful and harmonious.


Body Awareness:

Mindfulness Meditation for Body Awareness


In the above two steps, you became aware of breathing in and breathing out. It helps to generate mindfulness energy that can be redirected for recognizing the body. You will feel that your body exists. Once you start realizing that your mind and body are together, that is when you are alive. You will be better positioned to connect with the wonders of life and be aware of what is within you and around you. Although the exercise is simple, it gives a great feeling with the mind and the body becoming one.


Releasing Tension:

5 Powerful Ways for Meditation


The next step is to release tension. Suppose you are genuinely aware of your body. You will find that there is some pain and anxiety in the body or some stress. In every individual, pain and tension get accumulated over a period, and the only way to release it is through the mind.

It is possible to release tension from the body in a lying, sitting, or standing position. Deep relaxation or total relaxation can be practised in any of these positions. It can be done even when you are driving. So, next time when you are required to stop for anything, sit back and relax. Utilize the time for mindful breathing and release as much stress as you can.


Walking Meditation:

5 ways of Walking Meditation

It is almost the same as mindful breathing. Enjoy every step that you take and become aware of it. You will realize that every effort is allowing you to feel the wonders of life. Every step that you take is giving you joy.

Moreover, no extra effort is required for walking meditation. Just walk on earth and realize peace and joy.

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