Basketball Drills for Everyone!


By Walk at Home

World's leading at-home fitness walk

Basketball Drills for Everyone!

About This Class

Just in time for USA's College Basketball "Madness" season here's a 25 minute session of basketball drills to inspire you to make exercise FUN! Basketball elites, Taja Wilson and Ashton Gibbs teamed up with a cast of Pittsburgh PA area student athletes to give you a workout that's fun for all ages! Grab a ball and let's do this!

ABOUT Taja Wilson & Ashton Gibbs

Wilson is best known for her exceptional college basketball career at Michigan State University and Xavier University. She went on to earn a Master’s degree in Sports Business Administration and is a contributor to ESPN.

“At the end of my college basketball journey, I suffered a career-ending injury and, unfortunately, my lifelong dream of pursuing a WNBA career ended,” Wilson says. “But with the end of that season, came the birth of a new dream! I ventured into programming fitness videos because I identified with Walk at Home’s incredible mission and I had a passion for introducing others to the world of fitness in exciting and accessible new ways!”

Gibbs, who played on a pair of No. 1 seeded teams in helping Pitt to three NCAA tournament appearances says "Being of service is a life passion of mine. The opportunity with Walk at Home workouts is a creative way to serve through sharing my experience of playing basketball at a high level with youth sports and fitness communities.”

Meet Your Teacher

Walk at Home

World's leading at-home fitness walk


Walk at Home is the world's leading fitness walking brand and creator of the original walking workout. Created by Leslie Sansone, Walk at Home has helped MILLIONS of people live active and healthy lives for over 30 years. Walk at Home is one of the top-selling fitness brands at mass retail, including Walmart, Target, and QVC. Walk at Home's popular YouTube channel has over 1 Million subscribers and is ranked as one of the TOP FITNESS CHANNELS on YouTube. Walk at Home's best selling app offers a fresh, new set of workouts every month! Learn more at Happy Walking!

Leslie Sansone is an internationally recognized fitness expert and creator of the Walk at Home fitness program. Her philosophy is simple: Our bodies were made to move, and we can Walk our way to health and wellness! Leslie holds eight fitness certifications from organizations including The American College of Sports Medicine and Cooper Institute.

With over 30 years experience leading millions to health and wellness (and a 2014 induction into the National Fitness Hall of Fame), Leslie is a highly sought-after contributor to publications including Woman’s Day, Real Age, iVillage, Family Circle and many more. She was QVC’s first on-air guest and has made national TV appearances for the past 30 years.

Leslie is a wife and mother of three, and loves to cook, eat and WALK!

Walk at Home®

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