BodyRock Workout #58: Cardio + Core Workout.


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BodyRock Workout #58: Cardio + Core Workout.

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Treat yourself like your someone worth caring about, and surround yourself with good people that believe the same.

Life can be incredibly beautiful and tragic. Self care is one way to mediate and cope with the struggles and the challenges that arise.

Find a version of yourself that you can support. For me, it’s connecting with ‘little Freddy’. I have a picture of myself when I was about 5-6 that my mother took of me. It’s interesting you know, when I look at this picture I know logically that it’s me as a little boy, but I also see a child who needs looking after. Someone that needs and deserves love, support and encouragement on a consistent basis. Is there a photo of you that might remind you of all of this as well?


What I've found, is that I’m much more likely to treat this little guy with the care that he needs than I am my 47 year old self, whom in the hustle and bustle of life I’m often not really considering at all. It’s an interesting experiment, and one that I think is worth while spending some time on. If you can’t get behind the current manifestation of who you are with care, then look back at a time when you were more vulnerable and ask yourself, how would you best care for this child version of yourself? That might include some very basic things that don't get a lot of consideration in the present, like ensuring that child gets enough rest, it would most definitely include making sure that they get nutritious foods to eat. You wouldn’t give a child that you loved garbage to eat all of the time. You would never let them do things in excess that would cause them harm. Hopefully you can see that how you would care for this younger version of yourself is likely vastly different than how you treat your adult self on a day to day basis. Why? Think about that why, and ask yourself, if that little person is inside you still (and psychologically speaking they are), why aren’t you taking care of them in the present? In short, if you can't, or won't take care of the adult version of yourself, internalize your inner child and take care of them to the very best of your ability instead. At the end of the day, it's you. Holding that awareness of the picture of yourself as a child is a powerful tool, and maybe, just maybe, you can also start giving yourself some of the love that was missing from that time in your life. That can be incredibly healing.


Kids like to run around and play. They keep pretty active, and as adults we encourage this because guess what, it’s not only good, it’s necessary for their ongoing health and development. And not just physical development, their play and movement helps them process their emotions. Movement acts like a filter to release anger, frustration and other 'negative' emotions. We need this as adults too, but as soon as we age out of our childhood, the majority of us stop moving. Play and movement becomes a chore, or worse, something to be avoided. With no one there to encourage us to care for this very important part of ourselves, we stop getting down on the floor to tumble about. We stop running for the sheer exuberance and joy of feeling the wind on our faces (go ahead the next time you are outside - stretch out those arms and do your best airplane impression, you can even add some sound effects), move a bit and see how that feels. I bet you smile. There is a joy locked in movement that most of us have forgotten exists. Worse, we've somehow convinced ourselves that something that once brought us so much happiness is now unpleasant enough to de-prioritize or avoid all together. How did we get here?


Most fitness programs out there are aimed at peoples desire to change some part of themselves physically, you know, someone wants this part thinner, or that part stronger. Those are fine wants as wants go, but when you can connect movement and exercise with the genuine intention of self-care, not only do all those surface changes to your body happen as a direct by-product, but you also get to a place of peace with your mind and body that comes when you get to a place of taking care of yourself like someone that deserves that care.

It’s utterly life changing, and possibly one of the most loving acts of kindness you can bestow upon yourself (and those around you that look to you as an example). This energy gets passed on intergenerationally. Instead of trauma, you pass on the lessons of self-care and self love. Think about the power in that.


Come and join me for todays workout with Coach Tori. Stand in the middle of your living room with us and play.


I hope this messages touches home for you.





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