BodyRock Workout #69: Full Body Strength Training Circuit


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BodyRock Workout #69: Full Body Strength Training Circuit

About This Class

Coach Jana leads today’s Full Body Strength Circuit. With the warm-up, this workout is just under 30 minutes.

It’s a little known fact, that strength training is the most efficient workout for fat loss and re-shaping the body. Building athletic looking lean muscle is what will enable your body to burn more calories 24/7, even when you are not exercising. It’s why we always include strength and resistance elements in our daily workouts.

To get the most out of this workout, you will need some dumbbells or hand weights, and a steady surface like a coffee table or coach / sofa. Coach Jana is using her coffee table - just make sure whatever surface you choose is solid and won’t move on you.

By the end of this circuit, we will have lit up every major muscle group, with a lot of the exercises pulling double duty on the abs and core. Remeber to keep your core engaged, even as you work your lower body.

As always, tell yourself something positive before you get started today. This workout is not easy - no matter what level you approach it from. There is always a way to make any movement easier - there are some pretty impressive looking advanced pushups coming up (sorry for the spoiler), but any pushup can be brought down to the beginner level by doing them from your knees. Adapt, overcome, move. Listen for Coach Jana for cues and tips - she’s got you rep by rep, for the full class.

At we are taking the home workout to the next level with daily classes that deliver rapid fat loss and athletic conditioning. Come and train with us in 30 minutes per day, in the living room where you can establish the importance of fitness in your household, and be the real life example that you want to set. We ask for effort, not perfection. Let’s get you into the best shape of your life one session at a time.

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