CHAIR Yoga for HEADACHES, Migraines & Neck Tension


By Sarah Beth

Modern Day Yoga teacher leading millions of yogis online to get fit, happy & healthy

CHAIR Yoga for HEADACHES, Migraines & Neck Tension

About This Class

Use this 20 minute CHAIR Yoga for HEADACHES, migraines & neck tension to get relief fast from ANY seated position. You don't need a mat or any props, just find a chair and press play. ?? FREE GIFT: 7 day Beginner Yoga Calendar:

Reduce & prevent Neck & Shoulders tension associated with headaches with this completely seated, all-levels Chair Yoga for Headache routine. This video was designed to be accessible for beginners, seniors, desk workers, prenatal, postnatal (details below), and those in pain or with low energy and/or low mobility.

You’ll loosen your neck, shoulder, chest, and upper back with gentle, deep stretches and spinal flows then finish with an eye yoga technique for relieving eye strain.


*TOO BRIGHT?* If you have an eye mask, and you've done this video before or you're familiar with the poses, then I recommend doing the entire practice with your eye mask on or in total darkness. Remember to continuously relax the muscles in your face, jaw, neck, shoulders, and hands throughout the video and for the rest of your day.


*PRENATAL & POSTNATAL* This video & the entire CHAIR collection are Prenatal & Postnatal friendly.



00:00 welcome

00:10 Grab a chair

00:20 Sit on your chair

00:30 Deep breathing & relaxation

01:38 Neck stretches

05:30 Chest & back stretches

07:25 Seated forward fold

09:25 Slowly rise

10:20 Twists

12:02 Tricep stretches

14:00 Upper back stretches

15:08 Chest & shoulder stretches

15:45 Upper back stretches (switch arms)

16:35 Chest & Shoulder stretches

17:05 Eye muscles relaxation

18:40 namaste

19:00 prevent future headaches with 10 mins of beginner yoga a day


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Meet Your Teacher

Sarah Beth

Modern Day Yoga teacher leading millions of yogis online to get fit, happy & healthy


Hi, I'm Sarah Beth!

With 10 years of experience teaching millions of yogis around the world, I'm here to help you stretch, strengthen, tone, de-stress and peel back the layers to becoming your best self through yoga!

As a wife, mother of 2 toddler boys, & business owner I understand how crazy life can be! That's why I started creating yoga videos online - so anyone can practice anytime, anywhere.

With my background as a chiropractic assistant, functional movement is intertwined into all of my sequences. I've also had an autoimmune disease called Ulcerative Colitis for most of my life - making stress and anxiety relief with mindfulness, breathing exercises & body awareness a top priority of my videos.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an absolute beginner or a fellow yoga teacher, my collections can help you exceed your yoga & lifestyle goals and feel the confidence and health that you deserve.

See you on your mat!
Sarah Beth

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