First Steps To Fitness | Workout 2


By The Body Coach

British fitness coach, TV presenter and author.

First Steps To Fitness | Workout 2

About This Class

‘First Steps To Fitness’ is a brand new workout series for anyone at the very beginning of their fitness journey.

Maybe you have never exercised before or are returning from a long break or injury - this series has been created just for you.

There are 6 workouts in total. Aim to do 3 workouts in the first week and 3 in the second week.

Take some rest days in between. There is no rush to complete all 6 workouts, if you need more rest days between each one then take it.


Meet Your Teacher

The Body Coach

British fitness coach, TV presenter and author.


The man behind The Body Coach

"I started my journey handing out flyers at my local train station, trying to get customers for my bootcamps in the park. Ten years and 600,000 clients later, I can hardly believe how amazing that journey has been. Along the way I've learned so much about why people succeed at getting and staying fit, healthy and happy. And I feel so lucky that I can put all that experience into this app. My dream is for it to help millions of people, no matter how fit you are, to smash your goals and feel amazing."

In the early days The Body Coach was just me. Dragging a trailer of dumbbells, I'd race around Richmond trying to get people to join me for my early morning bootcamps in the park. Often no one came.

But I wouldn't give up, and eventually I joined Instagram and started posting #Leanin15 recipes; quick and easy home-cooked meals in 15 seconds. Slowly my following started to grow and I was able to share my message around food and fitness with more people.

Joe Wicks kneeling down striking a pose

I released my first online training plan and clients were getting incredible results, which helped to drive it's popularity. Over the years we made several updates to the 90 Day Plan and, to date, over 600,000 people have transformed their lives on the plan.

Throughout it all, my mission has never changed and in 2020 I launched PE With Joe - a daily live workout on my YouTube channel - to help kids and families keep moving and feel happier during the pandemic. In total, we had over 80 million views and raised over half a million pounds for the NHS.
Joe Wicks reviewing a plan on his tablet

My mission has always been to help get people everywhere feeling fitter, healthier and happier - no matter where you are on your fitness journey.

And now I'm putting the tools in the palm of your hand. By downloading The Body Coach app you'll have everything you need to get fit, make great food choices and feel amazing - everyday.

Joe's Books

Including Lean in 15, 30 Minute Meals and Wean in 15. Browse the collection now on Amazon.

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