Full Body Morning Yoga Stretch - Best At Home Morning Stretches


By Sean Vigue Fitness

Most watched online yoga and Pilates guy

Full Body Morning Yoga Stretch - Best At Home Morning Stretches

About This Class

WOW! This video has been about 2 months in the making. So many of you requested a 30 minute Full Body Morning Yoga Stretch Routine and I wanted to make sure it was one of the BEST flows I could create. I hope you enjoy these 30 minutes of total body yoga stretching to improve your flexibility, strength, energy, mobility, balance, core strength, weight loss and focus. Please invite lots of people to join us so more and more can be helped. Enjoy and thanks!


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Meet Your Teacher

Sean Vigue Fitness

Most watched online yoga and Pilates guy


Sean Vigue is the "most watched online yoga and Pilates guy", 7 time Bestselling author (including "Power Yoga for Athletes" available wherever books are sold), named one of the "Top 50 in Fitness" by The Huffington Post and an avid opera singer and history student - all from the Colorado Rockies.

My "Pilates for Men" workout was named "The Best Male Workout DVD" by Pilates Style magazine!

Sean Vigue Fitness features world class live Pilates, Yoga, Pylata and Spinning classes in addition to a full line of dynamic workout DVDs, a fitness App, Downloads, Podcasts and videos for ALL fitness levels and ages...all from Sean Vigue! Stretch, strengthen, and tone while releasing and focusing your mind in less than an hour. Look and feel great after each and every class. This is fitness for a long, healthy life!

Sean Vigue has been featured in major films (as Juliette Binoche's Pilates instructor), tv (Fox News etc), blogs, magazines (most recently Pilates Style), newspapers (Washington Post, Orlando Sentinel etc) and has become an international fitness force. He also has worked as a professional singer/actor (member Actor's Equity) for over 15 years and has performed on stages all over the world in opera, music theater and Shakespeare.

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