By Roberta's Gym

Lose weight and get lean with simple video workouts at home!


About This Class

Today's workout will target the major areas in our bodies--core, legs, arms, back, and glutes--while doing repetitive drills of push-ups, jumping jacks, squats, and other cardio and strength exercises. And it is also a favored go-to workout because of how it works every muscle group plus the privilege to do it anywhere without having to use any equipment!

This video is your weight-loss workout--with its combined rapid-fire sequence of moves, it's an intense training that will guarantee amazing results in less than a month if done on a regular basis! Do this fast-paced workout 3 to 4x a week and prepare to see some wonderful improvement!

Of course, since this is a 45-minute session, you have to be physically prepared, perform warm-ups before you begin, and drink lots of liquid while doing the workout.

Good luck and let's begin!


00:00 Introduction

00:16 Arm Reach Lunge

00:55 Rest

01:15 Fly Squat

01:48 Rest

02:02 Squat

03:00 Rest

03:20 Reverse Lunges

03:54 Rest

04:14 Lunges

05:01 Rest

05:21 Back Squeeze

06:12 Rest

06:32 Curtsy Lunge

07:09 Rest

07:35 Bridge

08:33 Rest

08:53 Single Leg Bridge Left

09:40 Rest

10:00 Single Leg Bridge Right

10:47 Rest

11:07 Side Push Left

11:41 Rest

12:01 Side Push Right

12:36 Rest

12:56 Deadlifts

13:54 Rest

14:14 Chest Fly

14:57 Rest

15:17 Bird Dog

16:15 Rest

16:35 Donkey Kicks Right

17:13 Rest

17:33 Donkey Kicks Left

18:11 Rest

18:31 Fire Hydrant Right

19:09 Rest

19:29 Fire Hydrant Left

20:08 Rest

20:34 Arm Reach Lunge

21:12 Rest

21:32 Fly Squat

22:06 Rest

22:20 Squat

23:18 Rest

23:38 Reverse Lunges

24:12 Rest

24:32 Lunges

25:20 Rest

25:40 Back Squeeze

26:31 Rest

26:51 Curtsy Lunge

27:27 Rest

27:54 Bridge

28:52 Rest

29:12 Single Leg Bridge Left

29:59 Rest

30:19 Single Leg Bridge Right

31:05 Rest

31:25 Side Push Left

32:00 Rest

32:20 Side Push Right

32:54 Rest

33:14 Deadlifts

34:13 Rest

34:33 Chest Fly

35:15 Rest

35:35 Bird Dog

36:33 Rest

36:53 Donkey Kicks Right

37:32 Rest

37:52 Donkey Kicks Left

38:30 Rest

38:50 Fire Hydrant Right

39:28 Rest

39:48 Fire Hydrant Left

40:26 Rest

40:52 Back Stretch

41:35 Rest

41:55 Torso Twists

42:20 Rest

42:40 Torso Rotation

Meet Your Teacher

Roberta's Gym

Lose weight and get lean with simple video workouts at home!


Roberta's Gym creates fitness video workouts you can do at home. No gym or equipment needed. Just your body-weight and persistence! I'm here to help you look and feel great, with effective body weight workouts and exercises. Burn calories and extra fat with simple workout routines you can easily do at home. No equipment or gym necessary. New video workouts Monday to Friday and then Sunday as well.


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