No Repeat HIIT Workout - Leg Death


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No Repeat HIIT Workout - Leg Death

About This Class

Hi BodyRockers,

In this workout, @BodyRock TV trainer Sean L. leads you through this 12 Minute lower body ‘leg death’ no repeat full body HIIT workout. While this workout will leave your legs shaking and baking, it will also absolutely destroy your core. There are a few new moves here for your abs that you have likely never tried before.

Move through each 50 second interval pushing to your max effort. Listen for cues and tips throughout. There are several ways to gear down the intensity of each exercise - listen for these modifications if you need them.

Keep track of your reps. These are your ‘scores’. The next time that you revisit this workout, you can see if you have improved, and you can strive to beat your personal best.

To get the full workout breakdown, visit:

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The largest online fitness community!


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