Pilates 21 Day Challenge | Full Body Workout For Results


By Boho Beautiful Yoga

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Pilates 21 Day Challenge | Full Body Workout For Results

About This Class

If you enjoyed The Ultimate Pilates 21 Day Challenge from Thailand (https://youtu.be/ouv_isD5mZ8) then you will love this workout as well. A full body workout with a heavy focus on your core and inner thighs, this class will get you sweating, toning, and feeling great!

If you want to see real results and feel incredible strength improvement then this is the challenge for you!

------ THE 21 DAY CHALLENGE -----


Day 1:

This Video x1


Day 2:

This Video x1


Day 3: Rest & Yoga Day:

Full Body Gentle Flow Yoga



Day 4:

This Video x 1 + 15/20 Min Cardio (run, hike, bike (preferably outside) )


Day 5:

This Video x 1


Day 6: Rest & Yoga Day:

Perfect Yoga For Everyone ? 20 Minute Relaxing Flow



Day 7:

This Video x 1



Day 8:

This Video x 1 + Full Body Workout ? Quick Morning Wake Up Call



Day 9: Rest & Yoga:

Best Yoga For Anxiety ? Perfect Body & Mind Cleanse



Day 10:

This Video x 1 + Yoga Workout ? Better Than The Gym | Abs & Core



Day 11:

This Video x 1 + The Perfect Fitness Challenge ? Cardio Workout



Day 12:

This Video x 2 + The Perfect Upperbody Workout ? Arm Flab Toning 101




Day 13: Rest & Yoga:

Relaxing Yoga For Peace ? Nama'stay In Bed



Day 14:

This Video x 1


The Ultimate Pilates ? Define Your Abs & Booty



Best Yoga For The Heart ? Elephant Haven | Elephant Nature Park




Day 15:

This Video x1 + Yoga Workout for Weight Loss ? The Waistline Crusher



Day 16:

This Video x 1 + The Ultimate Pilates ? Define Your Abs & Booty



Day 17: Rest & Yoga Day:

Perfect Full Body Yoga ? Detox & Digestion Flow



Day 18:

This Video x 1 + Six Pack ABS



Day 19:

This Video x1 + The Ultimate Pilates ? Define Your Abs & Booty



Day 20: Rest & Yoga Day:

Yin Yoga Class ? Best Yoga For Slow Deep Muscle Release



Day 21:

This Video x 1


The Perfect Workout ? Full Body Blast & Tone



Yoga For Sleep ? Easy Bedtime Yoga | 5 Minute Miracle




Rest days include a yoga session so you can stretch those sore muscles

Drink at least 2 L of water per day through the challenge.

Include at least one dark green leafy salad per day.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night so your muscles have time to recover and rest.

And always remember one last thing, if you want the best results you have to apply 2 rules and stick to them: You have to work hard AND eat clean. I eat a plant based diet (yes im a vegan fitness girl) which helps a lot and I highly recommend it. But the working hard piece comes from within each of us...


Meet Your Teacher

Boho Beautiful Yoga

Yoga. Fitness. Pilates. Meditations. Vegan Life.


Boho Beautiful is a travel, yoga and lifestyle brand founded by Juliana Spicoluk and Mark Spicoluk creating positive content for the body, mind and earth. With content centered around yoga, travel, fitness, vegan food, self-awareness, conscious living and guided meditations, their reach has grown to over 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube, 360k+ followers on Instagram, sold tens of thousands of books & programs online, and inspired and been inspired by so many wonderful people from all over the planet.

As a growing community for health and mindfulness, the ongoing mission for Boho Beautiful is to create and share as much high frequency positive content as possible and to continue to reach and connect to as many people as this wonderful opportunity will allow.



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