Spring Recharge Yoga Class - Five Parks Yoga


By Five Parks Yoga

Yoga teacher | Enjoy yoga classes in Colorado and Costa Rica.

Spring Recharge Yoga Class - Five Parks Yoga

About This Class

During this transition period between the seasons of Spring and Summer, this yoga class embraces the spirit of transformation, which includes postures that build Prana - heat and energy which moves up and in, as well as postures that connect with Apana - energy that moves down and out. We will move through the yoga class building and releasing heat, through the avenues of breath, movement, intention and reflection.


Class begins with a seated yoga meditation, which includes the hand gesture of Dhyana Mudra, which helps us to channel the flow of Prana energy and intention setting.


After meditation and breathing, we will begin the yoga class with a spinal warm-up including cat/cows, side stretches and twists, gate pose, side gate, modified side plank and more.


Slowly building heat, we continue the yoga class with down dog, chair, cobra, up dog, and a number of down dog crunches and hamstring stretches.


Of course - SUN SALUTATIONS follow!


Standing poses include Crescent Lunge, Warrior 2, Triangle, Prayer squat, standing splits and more.


Balance poses include Half Moon, Revolved Half Moon, side plank, balance chair, standing pigeon, standing pigeon forward fold and more.


Grounding poses and deep stretches include wide legged low lung, lizard, big toe hold, head to knee pose, seated forward fold, butterfly and more.


Core strengtheners include plank crunches, 3 legged dog crunches, side plank, plank rocks, grounded airplane and more.


Toward the end of class, we will practice camel, butterfly bridge lifts, shoulder stand, a reclined twist and happy baby.


And last but never least - enjoy Savasana at the end of your class.


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Yoga Instructor: Erin Sampson

Location: Arvada, Colorado


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00:00 Introduction

01:48 Meditation

04:18 Spinal Warmup & Stretching

09:21 Downward facing, crunches, hamstring stretches

16:38 Sun Salutations

17:58 Standing postures, flow, and balance

28:58 Balance Postures

30:58 Core strengthening and deep stretch

36:55 Reclined postures, twists, shoulder stand, happy baby

41:54 Savasana & Closing


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Meet Your Teacher

Five Parks Yoga

Yoga teacher | Enjoy yoga classes in Colorado and Costa Rica.


Erin Sampson received her 200-hour teaching certification in 2008 in Arvada, Colorado. For the next several years, she taught classes at her neighborhood studio.

In December of 2011, she and her husband moved their family of five to Tamarindo, Costa Rica for six months. They fell in love with Costa Rica and decided to split their time between Colorado and Costa Rica. Upon her first return to Colorado, she opened her own studio, Five Parks Yoga, which allowed her to teach in both Colorado and Costa Rica.

In an effort to bridge the gap between Colorado and Costa Rica, in February of 2015, Erin and her husband Matt started filming her yoga classes and posting them on YouTube, so that her students could practice with her when she wasn’t in town, (either town!). Since that time, she has posted over 250+ classes and now has 90,000 subscribers and students from over 200 different countries. While her original intention was to simply share her classes with her students at her two homes, the unexpected result of her YouTube channel has given her an opportunity to connect with students from all over the world.

Erin’s other passion project began in 2013 when she and Alyson founded Warrior Girls Yoga – yoga workshops and camps for middle school and high school aged girls. The program has been an amazing part of her passion for sharing yoga in a full hearted and meaningful way. Alyson and Erin have a unique ability to work together to seamlessly integrate the life changing practices of meditation, mindfulness and yoga and have since chosen to work together beyond the Warrior Girls program.

Erin strives to share her love for self-discovery through the practices of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga during this retreat.

Erin – E-RYT – Green Mountain School of Yoga, Arvada, CO 2008. Multi-style Yoga Institute, Playa Negra, Costa Rica 2015. Yoga Alliance Member 2008 – present.

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