By Roberta's Gym

Lose weight and get lean with simple video workouts at home!


About This Class

With this video workout I have uploaded today, I will help you achieve abs and burn belly fat by doing these body-weight exercises at home!

This is a standing workout challenge with routines done standing up will efficiently burn belly fat while building muscles in your core giving you a slimmer waist!

This is an intensive and highly challenging workout you can do on a daily basis. You can do this workout 3-4x a week but if you want to see results much quicker, doing this on a daily basis will really help.

Good luck and make sure to warm-up before you begin!



00:00 Introduction

00:11 Cross Jump Jack

00:34 Rest

00:51 Butt Kicks

01:12 Rest

01:29 Fly Squat

02:02 Rest

02:19 High Knee Jacks

02:43 Rest

03:00 Knee Hit Left

03:30 Rest

03:47 Knee Hit Right

04:17 Rest

04:34 Lateral Step Reach

05:14 Rest

05:31 Lunge Jumps

05:53 Rest

06:10 Oblique Twist Squat

06:53 Rest

07:10 Side Lunge Left

08:01 Rest

08:18 Side Lunge Right

09:08 Rest

09:25 Ski Jacks

09:51 Rest

10:08 Standing Crunch

10:45 Rest

11:02 Standing Side Crunch Left

11:36 Rest

11:53 Standing Side Crunch Right

12:26 Rest

12:48 Cross Jump Jack

13:11 Rest

13:28 Butt Kicks

13:49 Rest

14:06 Fly Squat

14:39 Rest

14:56 High Knee Jacks

15:20 Rest

15:37 Knee Hit Left

16:07 Rest

16:24 Knee Hit Right

16:54 Rest

17:11 Lateral Step Reach

17:51 Rest

18:08 Lunge Jumps

18:31 Rest

18:48 Oblique Twist Squat

19:30 Rest

19:47 Side Lunge Left

20:38 Rest

20:55 Side Lunge Right

21:46 Rest

22:03 Ski Jacks

22:29 Rest

22:46 Standing Crunch

23:22 Rest

23:39 Standing Side Crunch Left

24:13 Rest

24:30 Standing Side Crunch Right

25:04 Rest

25:26 Diagonal Abs Left

25:58 Rest

26:15 Diagonal Abs Right

26:48 Rest

27:05 Leg Kicks

27:30 Rest

27:47 Oblique Crunches

28:15 Rest

28:32 Leg Kicks

28:57 Rest

29:19 Diagonal Abs Left

29:52 Rest

30:09 Diagonal Abs Right

30:42 Rest

30:59 Leg Kicks

31:23 Rest

31:40 Oblique Crunches

32:09 Rest

32:26 Leg Kicks

Meet Your Teacher

Roberta's Gym

Lose weight and get lean with simple video workouts at home!


Roberta's Gym creates fitness video workouts you can do at home. No gym or equipment needed. Just your body-weight and persistence! I'm here to help you look and feel great, with effective body weight workouts and exercises. Burn calories and extra fat with simple workout routines you can easily do at home. No equipment or gym necessary. New video workouts Monday to Friday and then Sunday as well.


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