Standing Pilates Travel Workout


By Robin Long

Pilates instructor provide workouts and resources for busy women

Standing Pilates Travel Workout

About This Class

Join Robin for a standing Pilates routine! In less than 10 minutes, you'll work your entire body. So whether you're looking for a standing workout due to health reasons or you're traveling and looking for something you can do anywhere, anytime - this workout is for you.

You'll get an amazing core workout, some great lower body exercises, and we'll even mix in some great stretches, so you'll end this workout feeling strong, flexible, and energized to take on the rest of your day.

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Meet Your Teacher

Robin Long

Pilates instructor provide workouts and resources for busy women


Hi beauties! I'm Robin... As founder + CEO of The Balanced Life, I provide workouts and resources for busy women who: struggle to find time to exercise, desperately want to love their bodies again, are looking for an exercise plan that will work for the long-haul.

I struggled with my body image and my relationship with food/exercise for a LONG time. When I finally found a way out of this vicious cycle I knew it was my mission to share it with the world.

I'm also passionate about helping women transform their relationship with exercise and healthy living by choosing "grace over guilt" and finding a balance that feels like FREEDOM. Believing the lie that beating yourself up or using guilt as a way to motivate yourself to eat right and exercise will NEVER work. It’s time to break free of that cycle and find an enjoyable way to take care of your body and mind once and for all.

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