The BEST Abs Workout Ever | Core Strength & Definition (Triple Dare: Don't Give Up!)


By Boho Beautiful Yoga

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The BEST Abs Workout Ever | Core Strength & Definition (Triple Dare: Don't Give Up!)

About This Class

The best abs workout will fire up the entire core, not just the six pack. And this 15 minute abs class is going to activate your whole midsection plus get your heart pumping to stimulate fat-burning while targeting all the muscles of your core from your pelvic floor to your back, obliques, and, yes, the six pack abs.

Through a challenging yet energizing plank sequence paired with mat-based core exercises, this abs workout is the best way to tighten and tone your midsection, building strength & definition while improving posture, balance, and stability.

Get ready to feel the burn! And remember, when it comes to working out your abs, quality over quantity is best! So even though this is a short class, it's super effective.

"Thank you, Athletic Greens, for partnering with me on this video!"

Yoga Instructor- Juliana Spicoluk



0:24 - Class Introduction

0:58 - Sponsor Commercial

3:00 - Class Starts

3:12 - Child's Pose

3:23 - High Plank

3:30 - High Plank Pump Up

3:49 - Slow Mountain Climbers

4:08 -Double Knee Tap tp Plank

4:30 - Elbow Plank

4:37 - Elbow Plank Pump

4:53 - Single Knee Tap

5:15- Left Side Elbow Plank Hip Pump

5:46 - RIght Side Elbow Plank Hip Pump

6:18 - Elbox Plank Hold

6:36 - Child's Pose

6:50 - Transition to Back

7:00 - Single Leg Extensions

7:39 - Double Leg Stretch

8:15 - Slow Bicycle Twist

8:45 - Double Time Bicycle Twist Holds

9:18 - Right Oblique Twist Hold w/Left Leg Lifts

10:05 - Bicycle Twists

10:25 - Left Oblique Twist Hold w/Right Leg Lifts

11:15 - Straight Single Leg Switch

11:45 - Bend, Extend, Lift

12:25 - Bend, Extend, Criss Cross Lift

13:55 - Crossed Arms Knee Push Crunch

14:35 - Rolling Like a Ball

15:00- Boat

15:13 - Boat to Canoe

15:45 - Russian Twist

16:25 - Bridge

16:50 - Seated Breath

16:58 - Gratitude

17:05 - Namaste



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Yoga. Fitness. Pilates. Meditations. Vegan Life.


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