The Feel Good 30 Day Yoga Challenge | Yoga with Esther Ekhart


By Ekhart Yoga

Your yoga sanctuary. Our shared space. Where being you is enough.

The Feel Good 30 Day Yoga Challenge | Yoga with Esther Ekhart

About This Class

Our new Feel Good 30 Day Yoga Challenge starts today!

This is the first class of our January 2023 program to give you a taste of what to expect. We will work on strength and stability, this is the ground for joy. We can't control the outer world, and we can do the work the body needs to feel as good as possible and then, voila, we perceive the outer world with more ease! For this practice you need a bolster (or a sturdy pillow) and belt. To continue the program on EkhartYoga please visit

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Meet Your Teacher

Ekhart Yoga

Your yoga sanctuary. Our shared space. Where being you is enough.


EkhartYoga was born from Esther Ekhart’s dream to share the love of yoga, and today thousands of students around the world practise online yoga and meditation with us. With over 3,000 classes in different styles guided by over 40 world-class teachers, we are Europe’s biggest online studio. Creating positive change and transformation through yoga remains at the heart of everything we do. Join us on

We believe in the power of yoga and meditation to heal, empower, educate and unite. We have witnessed its capacity to increase awareness and initiate transformation. We honour the roots, spiritual teachings and philosophy of yoga, whilst recognising that it is a constantly evolving practice. Central to our ethos is that our bodies are unique and our practices must serve that individuality - not the other way around. 

Whatever your reason for being here - be it to find liberation, feel stronger, sleep better, de-stress, or stand on your head, you are exactly where you need to be.

Come as you are and let’s take this journey together.

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