By Roberta's Gym

Lose weight and get lean with simple video workouts at home!


About This Class

Today I'm here to help you burn your belly, side, and thigh fats to give you a more slender body and legs for days!


To be able to accomplish that goal, you need to perform exercises that will target your core and lower body to burn the fat and tone the muscles in that particular area. Today's workout video is a challenge you can do starting today and for the next 2 days to help you achieve your belly and legs goals. These help target the fat in your problem areas to give you the best results in just a few short weeks!


This workout will not only tone your muscles and trim your fat, this will also help burn the excess body fat you have in your body. That way, when you workout, you're not only going to get a slimmer lower body, but an overall balanced weight loss.

make this more effective, do this with discipline and motivation and combine it with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.Good luck and let's begin the workout!



00:00 Introduction

00:14 Knee Hit Left

00:50 Rest

01:08 Knee Hit Right

01:45 Rest

02:03 Lateral Arm Circles

02:31 Rest

02:49 Lateral Step Reach

03:39 Rest

03:57 Oblique Twist Squat

04:50 Rest

05:08 Reverse Lunges

05:51 Rest

06:09 Running In Place

06:32 Rest

06:50 Slow Jumping Jacks

07:19 Rest

07:45 Slow Mountain Climber

08:18 Rest

08:36 Snow Angels

09:18 Rest

09:44 Kick Back Left

10:27 Rest

10:45 Kick Back Right

11:28 Rest

11:46 Lift Bike Right

12:29 Rest

12:47 Lift Bike Left

13:30 Rest

13:56 Leg Pulls

14:40 Rest

15:06 Knee Hit Left

15:43 Rest

16:01 Knee Hit Right

16:37 Rest

16:55 Lateral Arm Circles

17:24 Rest

17:42 Lateral Step Reach

18:32 Rest

18:50 Oblique Twist Squat

Meet Your Teacher

Roberta's Gym

Lose weight and get lean with simple video workouts at home!


Roberta's Gym creates fitness video workouts you can do at home. No gym or equipment needed. Just your body-weight and persistence! I'm here to help you look and feel great, with effective body weight workouts and exercises. Burn calories and extra fat with simple workout routines you can easily do at home. No equipment or gym necessary. New video workouts Monday to Friday and then Sunday as well.


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