When You Just Can't Meditate (Guided Meditation)


By The Honest Guys

High Quality Guided Meditations for all!

When You Just Can't Meditate (Guided Meditation)

About This Class

This guided meditation has been created for those who feel that they simply cannot meditate. Join our community/see our products: https://www.thehonestguys.co.uk/products


This is a short and simple exercise that shows it is much easier than you may believe and the exercise itself is also beneficial.




We create effortless ways for anyone to reach a profound sense of deep relaxation, meditation and sleep, without ever having to try. In particular, we cater to anyone who is turned-off by the idea of "meditation", but still want to reap the massive health benefits, that meditation can bring. We offer this through high-quality audio productions, called 'guided visualisations'. These include sleep talk-downs, meditations, wonderful fantasy imagery and stories.


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Meet Your Teacher

The Honest Guys

High Quality Guided Meditations for all!


We are known as The Honest Guys on YouTube and we help people to de-sress and relax by providing some of the best guided relaxation experiences around. We strive to make almost all of our productions freely available on YouTube so that even the most vulnerable people can benefit from them, because we care.

It’s quite funny really, when we set up The Honest Guy’s channel on YouTube all those years ago, it was originally intended to be a channel for giving honest opinions and reviews on various self-improvement methods and systems. Over time however, the channel found itself on a somewhat different path, but by then, the channel had already become quite well established, so we decided to keep the name.

Our creative team is made up of three dedicated individuals; Siân, Rick and Kevin each of whom play a very distinct role.

Why we make these Guided Meditations

Our meditations and visualisations are made with one simple purpose: To try to help people. Most of our recordings are uploaded to YouTube and are available for free, so that anyone with Internet access can listen to them.

We try to provide what is most needed by reading the comments and listening to feedback through our YouTube and Facebook pages. In this way, we hope to reach out to many different people with different needs, such as sleep, relaxation, relief from anxiety, and healing, as well as just a need for general relaxation through our guided fantasy relaxation stories.

Every meditation we make is produced with genuine care and love for the people who use them, because we too, have needed the kind of help they offer. We've been there and we care.

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