Yin Yoga & Crystal Bowl Healing Class with Mei-lan | The Divine Connection Series


By Boho Beautiful Yoga

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Yin Yoga & Crystal Bowl Healing Class with Mei-lan | The Divine Connection Series

About This Class

This 30 minute yin yoga class will be accompanied by the most healing and euphoric sounds of Mei-lan Maurits and her crystal bowls. Afterwards join Mei-lan on the new Boho Beautiful Podcast:


A very slow, gentle, and easy grounded Boho Beautiful practice that will give you the opportunity to release tension and stress out of your body, connect deeper to your heart, and release pain, guilt, regret, and any heaviness that you may be holding and carrying within yourself.


This yin yoga healing practice is part of the Divine Connection Series that Mei-lan and Boho Beautiful came together to create.


2nd Class Of The Divine Connection Series:

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@Stars & Destruct.

Listen & watch to our Stars+Destruct Episode 1 with Mei-lan and her partner James where we discuss all topics from energy, source connection, healing, and mastering your craft.











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