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DareMe is a research-based platform that rewards and incentivizes participants to challenge themselves with any of the free, popular, and highly effective online challenges supported in our system and covering a variety of topics across health, fitness, yoga, personal development and more. 


How does DareMe's 3-Level affiliate program work?

Level 1: DareMe affiliates earn 20% in commission for each new referred customer that enroll to a free challenge and upgrade to premium.

DareMe platform utilize the power of online social groups and togetherness, to support the participants for higher completion chances of their challenge. We reward them for inviting their friends & family to join the challenge as well.

Therefore, Affiliates can enjoy additional 2 levels of payouts:

Level 2: DareMe affiliates earn 10% in commission for each new customer who enroll a free challenge and upgrade to premium and was invited to this challenge by your original referral level-1 customer.

Level 3: DareMe affiliates earn 5% in commission for each new customer who enroll a free challenge and upgrade to premium and was invited to this challenge by your invited level-2 referral customer.

Example: You referred two people to DareMe and each one of them invite two friends. Each of their friends invite also two of their friends. They all enrolled to the challenge you originally referred to, and some of them upgraded to the premium package of the challenge. Your affiliate network will look like the chart below (marked in green those who purchased premium package).

-         For each Level-1 premium member you get 20% commission.

-         For each Level-2 premium member you get 10% commission.

-         For each Level-3 premium member you get 5% commission.

In this example, even though you referred only 2 people to DareMe you will get commission on total of 6 people.

A little bit more about our program:

Each affiliate creates a custom account through our platform that tracks their referrals in real time. Referrals have 30 days from using your link to sign up for any of the premium packages of a challenge in order to qualify for the commission.

Affiliates will receive payouts on the 10th of each month for the previous month's referrals attributed to the affiliate through their preferred payment specified in their account settings.

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