Why Become a Challenger?

The best way to succeed in achieving your goals is by helping others reach theirs. If you are a teacher, trainer, or a coach, if you have a special expertise or you have mastered a skill, we invite you to create your own online challenge Online Challenge pursues personal improvement & growth to enhance quality of life and achieve dreams and aspirations. It is sort of a training process over a short time (usually between 21 to 30 days) where participants commit to challenge themselves to improve through daily activities which help to form a new habit, master a new skill, or achieve a goal. Challenges can be created in any industry and on any topic - anything that people would like to do or change in their life, business, health, or relationships, etc. . Help others improve and have a better & happier life.

So many of us have a passion for teaching others what has worked for us in our life. It is your time to give back to the world. By adding a challenge to DareMe platform You will enable participants to follow a straight path with a supportive community in a friendly and fun environment, while DareMe rewards and incentivizes them to complete your challenge.

Our system encourages participants to invite friends to join them, so that your content can go viral in no time, and You have the potential of millions watching and hearing from you.

We believe that professionals who have expertise can create an interactive and meaningful challenge. So, if you are someone who wants to help others improve their lives and You’ve got already a running online challenge or You are ready to create one, contact us so we can add your challenge to DareMe!