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A fitness enthusiast, mother of two, and a seasoned YouTuber

Hello friends. I am April Han, a fitness enthusiast, mother of two, and a seasoned YouTuber. I share at-home workout and fashion haul videos. 

After giving birth to my children, I lost 50 pounds and got back to my previous body shape in 6 months. Now it is my earnest desire to help women and everyone looking to stay in shape, achieve their goals, feel better and live healthier lives. 


With 1.77 million subscribers on youtube and 3 million followers on Chinese social media, I have built a thriving community of healthy, fit, and strong individuals. All my workouts are versatile, effective and designed to suit every body type and bring you closer to achieving your fitness goals. And regardless of your fitness level, all routines can be performed at home with no equipment required. I welcome you to join me and 4.77 million other people around the world on this journey to living healthier, stronger and better. Let us get in shape and build confidence together from the comfort of our homes. Access our free workout programs now.

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