Boutenko Films

Filmmaker, author and entrepreneur

Hey! My name is Sergei. I’m a filmmaker, author, entrepreneur, green smoothie hustla, forager, health nut, salsa dancer, adventurer, and lover of life. As a child, I suffered from health problems that were caused by eating crappy food and leading a sedentary lifestyle. I managed to regain my health by cleaning up my diet and implementing a regular exercise routine. My lifestyle shift has had such a profound effect on me, I feel compelled to share my thoughts and experiences with those interested. I’ve published numerous books and documentaries about diet, exercise, and foraging. I also run a thriving YouTube channel called: “BoutenkoFilms” where I have hundreds of original videos on various topics. From time to time, I go on lecture tours, appear on podcasts, write articles, and host retreats. I love learning new things and have a hard time fitting into any one box. That’s me in a nutshell.

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