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A global community for everyone who wants to upgrade their life with health, happiness and yoga.

This Simple Method Changes Everything.

We help you become your healthiest and strongest you. And our method is super simple. We use science to re-wire your habits. Tiny changes gradually turn into patterns. Patterns turn into habit. And habit turns you into a new person. And this time you won’t stop.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build simple but effective tools that change people’s lives for the better. Everyone has tried countless workouts, classes, and apps to build a healthy lifestyle. But we know that the only method that actually works, is the one you love. The one you use every day. And that’s what we aim to offer with our apps and platform. 

About DoYou

We’re a passionate team of creators and innovators. DoYou is based in sunny Singapore, but most of us are spread around the globe. We hope you like what we do

Our Values

Empowerment is the very essence of what we do. We want everyone to thrive. That includes every human being regardless of who they are or where they’re from. This means that we are fully committed to equality. We believe in science

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