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Helping people grow & become strong. Inside and Outside the Gym!

Under the name Growing Annanas I want to help people grow & become strong. Inside and Outside the Gym! I try to reach as many people as possible on my social media channels in order to share my knowledge, my experiences and my transformation.

I'm Anna & Fitness has changed my life. 39 kg vs. 55 kg - skinny vs. strong - unhealthy, dissatisfied vs. fit, healthy, self-confident & strong. I was unhappy with my training and my body for a long time and tried to get closer to my dream body with diets and endurance training.
I made exercise and fitness the # 1 priority of my life and gave up my job as a software programmer. For years I have dealt with various forms of training and nutrition, have acquired a lot of knowledge, and have made good progress myself. Ultimately, I decided to train as a qualified fitness coach in order to be able to pass on my knowledge and experience in a professional manner.
Fitness, sport, training and above all success make you strong! Physically and mentally. For me, sport means more than chasing after a dream body - it has changed me & my whole life! Now it's your time, your time to grow.

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