Heather Robertson

Certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, fitness cover model + lover of all things health & wellness.

Heather is an internationally recognized fitness influencer, model, certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. She has graced the cover of many of the industry's leading health and fitness publications such as Oxygen Magazine and Inside Fitness who named her the #1 Hot & Fit female personality. Her passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle is recognized far beyond the pages of the magazines or the walls of the gym and is demonstrated to others as a life of fun, balance and continuous goal setting.

Starting life out as the shy, skinny-fat girl, Heather challenged herself and explored her competitive side by entering her first fitness competition in 2007. After winning two first place titles and pro status in her first show she knew she was following the right path. Through a number of competitions, public appearances, photo shoots and coaching events she has inspired and motivated others to push themselves to achieve their personal best and continues to challenge herself on an ongoing basis.

Her laid back approach sets an example that living a happy and healthy life doesn't need to be complicated, overwhelming or feel like a chore - but can be realistic and well within reach.

"Balance and consistency are key in achieving a level of health and fitness that is both sustainable and enjoyable.”

Heather has been featured in Oxygen Magazine, Inside Fitness, Fitness Gurls, UMM, Training & Fitness, Status Magazine and more.


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