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Physical therapist and a Pilates teacher

I’m Jessica and I’m so glad you are here!
I’m a physical therapist and a Pilates teacher. I am a wife, a business owner and a mom. I am an endometriosis, infertility, prolapse and hysterectomy warrior and navigator. I am a business coach, movement educator and teacher trainer. I am a lover of people.

I believe there is power in movement and that movement is power. This includes actual physical movement as well as movement of the mind and changing of our beliefs about ourselves.
I believe that movement SHOULD NOT be painful, frustrating or embarrassing. I believe movement SHOULD BE freeing. I believe it should be fun! I believe it should be empowering, encouraging and inspiring.
I believe movement, healthcare and support SHOULD BE equitable, available and accessible to every human body, no matter size or ability or age or race or gender identification. You can read more about our commitment to this through our DEIB and Anti-Racism Statement.
I believe when we feel strong and secure in our own bodies we can start to be more kind to ourselves. When we are more kind to ourselves, we can then be more kind to others. There is a ripple of love that is born in the world when we can finally show ourselves and our bodies a little grace and patience. This is what excites me about what I do!

My “office” happens to be an exercise mat and my tools are Pilates equipment and props, but the work we are doing here is real and important.

I don’t dare to assume that my workout videos will change the world, but I truly hope they help to inspire at least one person to believe in themselves and their ability to move in the world around them while having a little fun in the process. I promise to use my skills and platform to make sure every person feels heard and seen and safe in their bodies and the space they take up in the world.

I believe in movement with heart and I believe in you.

What You Should Know About Me
I’ve been a physical therapist and Pilates teacher for 20 years and I love it more every day. When they say chose something you would do even if you never got paid, this is it for me. I’m a lucky girl to do what I am passionate about.

I have a seven year old daughter and three year old son with my amazing husband. This little family of mine is my biggest love and pride in the entire universe. I can’t quite separate my role as a mom from everything else I do because it has become a filter through which I see everything else. I want to help make the world a better place because of them. (I also want more sleep because of them, but that’s what coffee is for).

I have stage 4 endometriosis with a frozen pelvis. I was first diagnosed in 2005 and have had three abdominal surgeries since then, including a hysterectomy and prolapse repair in 2019. We had our daughter naturally and then went through two rounds of IVF before getting pregnant with our son. I also had a bladder and uterine prolapse after a gnarly labor with our daughter and lots of inaccurate post baby exercise advice. I am also acutely aware that – despite all of this – I am lucky when it comes to my access to healthcare and information. Because of all of these issues, I’m extremely passionate about women’s health and helping women feel empowered in their own bodies. I am passionate about making education available to everyone. I also am indescribably grateful for the chance to have children after going through infertility battles for years. If you are there now, I see you, I feel you and I am holding so much space for you in my heart.

My husband and I lived in Hawaii for eight years and it’s my happiest of happy places. We now are back in our hometown of Denver, which I’m lucky to also love, but Hawaii has my heart. The snow does not.

We are the founders of Momentum Fest, a three day Pilates and movement festival. It’s all of my dreams come true and you should come someday.
I love coffee. And champagne. But coffee wins.


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