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Healthy lifestyle blogger, Pilates instructor and health and wellness coach

Lottie’s life has centred around Pilates since she was 16 years old and took her first Pilates class. Lottie started a daily Pilates practice and never looked back, it changed her life. Every morning on the mat feels like coming home no matter where she is. Lottie has made it her life's work to teach Pilates; to help people to move better, feel better and be free in mind and body.

Lottie trained with the renowned Body Control Pilates in London. With almost a decade of experience teaching Pilates; Lottie has built a name for herself in the Pilates world and regularly comments as a Pilates expert in the press and has featured in Red Magazine, the Telegraph and the Guardian. During her Pilates career, Lottie has worked with a wide range of clients, hosted events and retreats around the world for different brands and taught in the corporate world. She believes Pilates is for everyone. 

100s and thousands of people around the world now take class with Lottie through her online community and find Lottie’s Pilates to be a moment of lightness and grounding. Her classes are technical, mindful but also creative and fun. Lottie is continuously educating herself further and helping people discover how incredible Pilates can be not only physically but mentally. 

Lottie says: “As your pilates teacher I’m not asking for perfection but for commitment, for presence and for awareness. If we can roll out our mat each day, move, and breathe and find connection then that’s enough. See you there.”

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