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Hey, I'm Mady  and I love what I do ;-)


I have always enjoyed the movement, the adventure, the vastness, the unknown ... I follow my impulses and am not afraid of failure.

Because hey! isn't that what makes you stronger and more mature in the end ?!


In my childhood I was a little whirlwind (yes sometimes still). I was the only girl on the football team, played the drums,

saved earthworms and loved to move my entire room around at midnight.

What does it all have to do with yoga ?! Quite a lot, if you ask me :-)  Yoga is about listening, observing, allowing and forgiving ...

For me, yoga means learning and maintaining curiosity for a lifetime!




I had my first encounter with yoga when I was 13 years old. My PE teacher was absolutely enthusiastic about yoga and raved about it so much that I really wanted to know what she was talking about.


So from there on I tried a wide variety of yoga styles. Sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes not at all. Although I was relatively disappointed in the first few years and

just couldn't identify with the stretching exercises on the sheepskin, I looked on and on. The AHA moment of the first yoga class, which many rave about, unfortunately didn't happen  for me.


At some point I ended up doing Bikram Yoga (yoga at 40 degrees room temperature). I was looking for something physical that would challenge me and burn a lot of calories.

I was very happy with it for about 1.5 years. But at some point I knew the 26 asanas from the FF (they are always the same exercises), so I was bored and had   the feeling that there was immense competition among the yogis.

Who is more flexible, who can do the exercise longer, who sweats more, etc ... The whole thing is practiced in front of a huge mirror, by the way. You can probably imagine that there are enough days when you don't want to watch yourself lolling half-naked in front of the mirror for 90 minutes ... I lacked the personal and a little more profundity. In addition, in winter I only got sick after the units and ended the practice.


I almost gave up hope when I ended up doing Vinyasa Yoga. A dynamic yoga style that combines breath and movement and can be very physically demanding! After this lesson I knew “Here I am at home!”

That was 4 years ago and I can still feel my passion and the fire for this yoga practice.


I completed my yoga teacher training in 2014 in Berlin. A time that was very formative and instructive for me. I feel grounded, stable and confident like never before and I am very happy that I made this decision.

I also practice acroyoga and am currently continuing my education in yin yoga (restorative yoga).

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I am told that I teach with incredible ease and authenticity. That pleases me!

To me, teaching yoga means a lot of personality and empathy! I contribute 100% and always want the best for my yoga students. A little joke here and there shouldn't be missing either. That's the way I am and I wouldn't pretend to be anyone.


I'm trying to create a place where my yoga participants can be free, without any judgment. Allow yourself TO BE!

My yoga classes are clearly structured and in addition to powerful & demanding exercises, there is always a gentle finish that leads to an enjoyable Savasana (final relaxation) :-) If there is time, a small head and neck massage awaits at the end of the class ;-)

For me there is nothing more beautiful than the sparkling eyes and the gratitude of the participants after a yoga session. Yes i love what i do!





Of course, my life is not 100% yoga. Yoga is a big part of me that accompanies me always and everywhere, but I also have

a personality ;-P

As described at the beginning, I have always been very active. For me that is just part of it. Only then do I feel alive!

Football, riding (Icelanders), skating, surfing, SUP, running, weight training, acrobatics, etc ... I take everything with me :-)

At the moment, besides yoga, I can often be found doing crossfit. For me it is the perfect complement and balance at the same time! I love working with the dumbbell and the gymnastic elements of Crossfit! I feel strong and athletic.


In addition to movement, I love one thing in particular: TRAVEL!

Even as a child I was able to experience new countries and cultures. When I was 15 I was alone in the USA for a year and after graduating from high school, I went out into the big wide world every year. I love the new and the unknown! Traveling is learning and growing.


I have already combined my stays abroad with volunteer work four times. In Iceland, for example, I worked on a cow and horse farm for almost 2 months and just this year (2015) I was also out and about with horses in the mountains of northern Thailand.

Contact with the locals is the most important thing for me. Only then do I really get to know a country and its culture.

I close all experiences (including the negative ones) in my heart and am incredibly grateful that I am allowed to collect all these moments! (You can find some travel reports in the blog by the way)


Last but not least ... yes, I also learned something “real” ;-)

I am a studied communication designer and can be found in the field of editorial design, photography / videography.

That goes well with working as a blogger and Youtuber;)

I'm a fan of clear lines, modern / industrial interiors and quick cuts. 

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