Moving Mango

International certified Pilates & Aerial Instructor

The Begining of a New Begining 

Life changing decision: pivot with my MBA and diligently built career reporting to the CEO of Vietnam’s largest Telecommunications company to launch my own retail business selling customer bedding.


New Successes, Same Feelings until…

Despite having significant financial success with my bedding company, I still often felt overwhelmed, stressed and without direction. Having spoken to highly trusted friend, they suggested I take a Pilates course.


Love from The First 100

I quickly feel in love with all things Pilates. Having always been a “fit type” – running, lifting weight, etc. – I never though I could love working out so much. 


For The Love of the Mat

Having had enough of feeling depressed, I decided to close my bedding business and become an internationally certified Pilates teacher in Bangkok, Thailand.


Becoming a Professional

After completing my certification I read everything I could on Pilates, and worked any job I could located teaching individuals, semi-private and group classes. I loved, and continue to be passionate about, every minute of it. I also met my now husband while teaching in Hanoi.


Start of Moving Mango!

In July of 2018 I shot my first video and put it up online to help clients who were no longer in Hanoi or people who were unable to attend classes. Starting in November, I started posted daily workouts!

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