YouTube’s Best Source of Fun Dance Workouts

Dance cardio workouts experienced a huge rise in popularity this year because they provided us with a fun way to stay active at home. YouTube channels dedicated to this form of exercise attracted millions of followers, and MYLEE Dance is leading the way.

This channel was started by choreographer and dance fitness instructor MYLEE back in 2018, but their videos experienced a real boom in the last few months. Over a million subscribers tune in for each of their viral videos, which feature extremely fun dance routines.

Unlike many other workout channels that put dance cardio on the map, MYLEE Dance is more focused on the choreography than traditional workout moves. They don’t include any squats, planks, or lunges, but they’ll still give you an amazing calorie burn.

Another great thing about MYLEE Dance is that their videos are choreographed to the latest breakout hits. New tunes usually make it to their channel sooner than they hit the Billboard Hot 100, and you can always head here when you’re looking for great workouts to catchy K-pop tracks.

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