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Handbalancer, theatre maker and teacher


It's lovely to see you here.

I am Natalie: I am a handbalancer, theatre maker and teacher.

I do handstands, yes!

I stand on my hands and doing so for more than 30 years has allowed me to develop The Art of Handbalancing: I create choreographically modern, fresh and interesting movement patterns and balancing shapes that make handstands look like dance. I also create full length shows for theatres, festivals and public spaces. These performances combine poetry, acrobatics and dance and talk about what motivates us to do what we do in life and in art. (I do handstands because secretly I would like to be a superhero, strong and invincible!...and for a few moments on stage, that's just what I become!)

I teach handstands and I develop coaching concepts that optimize high intensity acrobatic training, integrate affirmative teaching methods and encourage independent thinking through workshops and online courses.


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