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Sports Therapist, Home Fitness Expert & Chocoholic

Peter Carvell’s combination of personal experience, education and obsessive drive to teach people all around the world about how to use food and exercises to live a happy and fulfilled live is what makes Peter’s approach one of kind. “It’s personal to me. I don’t care about money or fame or any of that BS. I was there myself, I know how bad it can get but I also know that you hold the powerful to change your body and change your life.

For me it started with loosing over 100lbs. In the 3 years that followed I went from dead broke, living with my brother, no car, no money to being well on the way of achieving all my wildest dreams. Something I could have never done when I was 100lbs over weight with ZERO confidence. And it is this experience, this confidence that comes with getting into shape that I want to share with the world!”.

Peter is the owner of one the of top ranking fitness sites online today, and he is also the author of where he shares his love for food ( He is a Qualified Fitness Chef ) and teaches people how to use food to achieve their dream bodies without ever having to deprive themselves from still enjoying food to the fullest.

Peter has also created the home workout system which is 100% free and taking the world by storm due to the amazing results everyone who is using it is getting. “ My goal is to simply help and educate as many people as I can to get back into shape. To do this I knew I had to do two things. Create one insanely effective workout program and then give it away at the best possible price, FREE! It took some time for people to realize just because it was free that it was not just as powerful as anything out there you have to pay for, but once the results started coming in, that thought process was soon a thing of the past and now we are starting to really making a difference with over 50 000 who has already taken this challenge.”

Peter is only getting started and with his passion and personal experiences as a driving force behind him, we don’t see him stopping any time soon!



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