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A lifestyle blogger and lover of all things planner and productivity related.


I’m Roxy- a 20 something year old blogger & YouTuber and who also may be a teeny tiny bit MEGA planner addict. #NOSHAME

I have a YouTube channel which is all about productivity, planning and lifestyle. P.S. don’t forget to subscribe

At this point, this shouldn’t be a surprise given the above, but I have my own stationery brand called @itsprettyproductive and it’s all about pretty planners, notebooks, notepads and SO. MUCH. MORE. I honestly want one of everything but that’s just hoarding   do the samples count? 

A bit about me:

1. I have my BSc. in Science (major in Biochemistry & minor in Biotechnology)

2. Squats are life- I love a good leg day. 

3. Sushi. Is. Life… and sashimi too. Gulp. Need some right now. 

4. At any given opportunity, I say YES to travel. Basically I have a little syndrome called “wanderlust”. 

5. I loveeeeee elephants. 

6. All about that #plantmom life & growing my own food. I even have my own plant IG @theprettybohojungle

7. Harry Potter nerd. (CAN WE PLEASE GET ANOTHER BOOK!!)

8. Aquarius- but don’t ask my age cause chances are I will lie #SORRYNOTSORRY

9. Skincare is an obsession. 

10. Perfected the art of the Resting Bitch Face (RBF)

11. Chronic workaholic. If I have something to do, I can’t eat, sleep or pee (sorry bladder).