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Teaching people how to live their journey using the yoga practice and the chakra system.

I was 24 years old when the losing myself began.

Only one corporate job into the “real world” and I knew something wasn’t right.

I kept wondering, is this my calling, is the marketing world where I’ll reside and truly shine, am I destined to a life of 9-5?

Instead of sticking it out or working to figure it out, I ran.

I deserted my boyfriend (now husband) and moved to Italy with two girlfriends.

This is when the true journey began.

I met people who were bending the rules, not molding to society, and carving out a unique path that included both fulfillment and happiness.

And at the same time, I was diving into a strong, steady asana practice where time melted away and mental clarity took it’s place.

But like most stories, this one came to an end.


I returned to the states with an empty bank account, a passion for the yoga practice, and the expectation that normal life needed to resume.

Normal life led me back to another (and another) corporate marketing career, but with one important caveat.

I also started yoga teacher training.

It wasn’t easy commuting to work, driving around for sales calls, and attending my training after work and on the weekends, but I knew it’s where I needed to be.

And as the months unfolded, my conviction to escape corporate life only heightened. At one point, it was a scream so loud, I felt the call to run away again.

….. this time, my idea was India, Thailand, or Australia, with or without my boyfriend. Luckily, my mom calmed me down and I sauntered into a yoga class to let my frustration out.

It was in this soul sucking moment that I made a promise:

“I will one day work for myself.”


The first few years were overwhelming….

 I didn’t figure out the secret sauce once my intention was set. I didn’t stumble into overnight success by bending into unrealistic yoga shapes on social media.


I didn’t hire a business coach, invest in a graphic designer, or web developer. I didn’t know the first thing about photography, videography, or the online marketing world.


But here’s what I did do…..


I put my head down. I showed up for myself (consistently). I took the next best step forward.


And, I kept stepping on my yoga mat.


Now you should know, I made a lot of mistakes.


Like publishing blog posts that read like a Wikipedia article, copying what other popular bloggers were doing, comparing myself to people lightyears ahead, and pursuing my purpose with one toe in and one toe out.


I was only two years into this journey and I was nowhere near working for myself. I felt defeated, confused, and like my cup was emptier than empty.


…. corporate job, yoga teacher at multiple studios, online wellness blogger, and oh wait, my social life was in there too.

So, I made a decision.

I chose to focus on my intention, wholeheartedly, and release anything that was no longer serving me.


This meant late night weekends and socializing. Way lessss alcohol. Barely any TV or mind numbing entertainment.


And instead.


A laser focused mindset to uphold my original promise.


Early mornings, late evenings, almost every weekend, and I’ll admit, in-between work meetings and lunch breaks too. I became obsessed with figuring out how to be my own boss and ditch the corporate rule book on how to be me.


I dove head first into personal development books. Purchased online business courses. Followed my girl boss crushes to a tee. Invested in new equipment and the right programs. Hired a graphic designer. Outlined my first yoga program, second program, third program…..


And you get the picture.


Essentially, I went for it, wholeheartedly.


And after all that work, two more years into it (so no we’re four years into the journey)….


I discovered how to create a dedicated community that supports me so that I would never have to step into a cubicle, corporate office, or a position that didn’t align with my purpose again.


And best of all….


I’ve had the opportunity to teach thousands of people like you how to create a personal yoga practice from the comfort of their home, while facing their fears, cultivating confidence, and learning how to live their journey too.




One yoga pose. One breath. One positive action at a time.

So where am I now? Where has the journey led me?


It still gives me goosebumps to type this, but I am my own boss, aka Chief Creator. I choose what projects to work on. I navigate what is or isn’t in alignment. I decide what goals to achieve.


And over the years, I’ve developed a reputation for helping others do this too. Not just through yoga poses….


But through focusing on each piece of your being – body, mind, and soul – and making it a priority to develop your strength both on and off the yoga mat.


I’ve taught yoga students not only how to do a headstand or flip the grip in king pigeon pose, but how to DO IT BETTER than the old you who only did it for the pretty posture or the pounds you wanted to lose.


How do I do this? I do it because I teach what I know.


I teach what I’ve personally learned and discovered through the practices of yoga, mindfulness, and positive living. I teach what’s helped me break free from the corporate chains and create a life of financial and location freedom.


I teach how I’ve learned to live my journey, in hopes that you learn to lives yours too.  If you’re ready to start living yours, scroll down one section further and together, let’s begin.


Are you ready to discover your strength both ON AND OFF the yoga mat. Are you ready  to live a purposeful life that aligns with your body, mind, and soul?


If I witness one more yoga student participate in a social media challenge that only encourages shape making without the substance of this life-changing practice, I might just roll up my mat and walk away.


….. just kidding, that used to be me!


And I know you want more than that too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.


I know you want to feel good, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


I know you want to learn the yoga practice, cultivate strength, and maybe get upside down, but simultaneously, I plan to strengthen your relationships, the goals you set, the conversations you have, and your self-love abilities too.


By reading ALL OF THIS and making it to this point, you’ve proven that you’re ready to start living your journey – you just wanted to be sure that I was the right teacher and that this is your next best move.


And feel confident that every bit of effort you give will help align your body, mind, and soul.

Ready to step on your mat and let the journey begin?