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Hi! I’m Jamie Kinkeade, and it is my honor and privilege to welcome you to The Studio. Six years ago, I was invited to a Zumba class and my life was forever changed. I was a runner at the time and was struggling to find myself again both physically and mentally with a new baby boy in the house and an 8 year old daughter.

I knew I needed something more; I was dreading runs and it just wasn’t worth leaving home for anymore, so I excitedly accepted the invitation. The music started and, by the end of class, I was soaked in sweat and was reveling in a feeling of joy and release I hadn’t felt in a very long time. Although I’ve never taken formal dance lessons, fitness and dance were always passions of mine growing up.

That class was a reminder that there is more to life than bills, kids, and work. There is also me. During that first class, I felt incredibly awkward and thought I might die, and I wanted nothing more than to go again. I began attending 2 days a week and watching YouTube videos to fill in the gaps. Eventually, I took the next step of becoming an instructor. For the next 3 years, I grew my following to hundreds of women dancing in churches, gyms, elementary schools, and even indoor sports arenas. It was exhilarating to see women let go and find that same joy I had found.

In July 2013, I became intrigued by the idea of yoga and began to explore a whole different realm of fitness. I was used to high energy, loud music, and lots of whoops and hollers. I never realized how much I needed a little bit of silence and focus in my life. I needed to learn to breath through the struggles of life; I needed to learn to love myself completely, maybe for the first time in my life. It wasn’t too long after that I found BUTI. A fusion of dance, yoga, sexy, badass, and all the whoops and hollers I loved? I was IN! I knew from the very first 8 count of the very first song that BUTI was the next step in using my passion to help women. I got certified in Chicago 2 months later and began teaching small classes to friends and family here and there. Word spread and my classes grew.

After 3 years of moving around and teaching in random spaces, I took the plunge in opening The Studio. It started as an 800 square foot room and has now grown into something I had never dreamed it would be. I love the saying, “You want to make God laugh? Make plans of your own.” God had a plan 6 years ago; the dots have all connected just the way He intended, and now I am so grateful for the opportunity to share the gift of self-discovery and transformation with each and every client who walks in the doors of The Studio.

Every day, I search for the ability to breath, be the woman I want to be, make mistakes, take risks, believe in myself, and give openly to as many people with whom I come into contact. It’s never perfect, but because of The Studio family, the classes, the sweat, the tears, and all of the love, I get closer than I ever thought possible.

Welcome to The Studio, where you are guaranteed so much more than fitness.

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